Our last post looked at what a virtual assistant could do to ensure the smooth running of your PT business. However, it’s important that you understand all the pros and cons of hiring a virtual assistant.

The Pros of Hiring a Virtual Assistant
  • VAs are quite easy to find on the Internet 
  • You can hire someone for the specific number of hours, or tasks, that is required
  • You won’t have to pay for employee benefits
  • Their rates are lower, especially if you hire someone living in a country with a poorer economy
  • You have no overhead costs, saving you money
  • They decrease your workload and stress levels
  • A difference in time zones means that work is being done while you’re asleep
  • VAs can do repetitive or time-consuming tasks so that you can focus on your clients
  • They can increase the efficiency and productivity of your business
  • VAs can handle a wide range of tasks and small projects
The Cons of Hiring a Virtual Assistant
  • It can be challenging to work with someone who is is a different time-zone, especially if you have something that needs to be completed urgently
  • More up-front planning is required because you can’t simply pop into your VA’s office to amend a set of instructions
  • If you hire someone from a different country, which is often the case with VAs, then there might be language barriers
  • All communication is usually dependent on internet connectivity, which can be problematic at times
  • Although you might be able to hire a VA for an incredibly cheap rate, you will sometimes get what you pay for

Make sure to read our next posts which look at how to hire a VA and what to look for in a VA to ensure you hire the best person for your business.