One of the most important factors when it comes to creating wealth as a personal trainer is to adopt and develop the right mindset. There are three main components to this:

  1. Delayed gratification

In a nutshell, delayed gratification means being able to sacrifice something in the short term in order to gain more significant benefits in the long term. In other words: impulse control. Although it is important to enjoy the present moment, it is also important to think about tomorrow and take responsibility for your future success. It really isn’t about luck, or about miraculous opportunities. It’s about responsibility. Think about all the choices you make on a daily basis. How do these choices affect your business? What can you change today that will create more business success tomorrow?

  1. Relaxation

Being relaxed does not mean that you can forget about your business and lie on the beach all day. What we’re talking about here is being mentally relaxed and avoiding as much tension and panic as possible. Allowing your mind to relax enables you to access your subconscious mind, which includes assets such as memory, intuition, creative thinking and problem solving. It’s obvious that your business can only benefit from you tapping into these resources in your brain. There are many techniques that you can learn to help you relax – some even work in less than 30 seconds!

  1. Commitment and Passion

In order to become a successful and wealthy personal trainer you have to have exceptional commitment and passion for what you do. Just like a personal trainer needs to be committed to and focused on a client throughout every session, so too do they need to display that level of dedication and passion for the business side of being a personal trainer. You need to be a hard-worker and have vision when it comes to your own professional success. You need to have what it takes to elevate your business above what all the other personal trainers are doing.

Think about your mindset. Can you delay gratification? Do you know how to mentally relax in an instant? Do you have the passion and drive to take your business to the next level? To read more about creating success and wealth from your business, have a look at Brad Sheppard and Jason Urbanowicz’s A Personal Trainer’s Guide to Wealth Creation here.