Personal Training Solutions is the Key to Increasing Sales

This Create PT Wealth business building tip looks at how your personal training business is all about providing personal training solutions. Watch this clip or read the post to find about more about how personal training solutions is the key to converting more leads into sales.

This Create PT Wealth Business Building Tip is straight out of our best-selling book A Personal Trainer’s Guide to Wealth Creation. It’s from one of my favourite sections: how to take the sales out of selling so that you can convert more leads into cold hard cash.

Providing Personal Training Solutions in the Sales Meeting

This tip is all about the actual sales meeting: the conversation that you would have with your prospective client. During that meeting it’s of paramount importance that you become the detective. You need to ask as many questions as possible because what you want to do by asking open-ended questions is to get people to talk. Remember: you’ve got two ears and one mouth, so you want to be listening twice as much as you’re speaking. So the conversation is not all about you and what you can deliver. What it’s about is enabling the other person to unpack everything that’s going on inside them.

Get Prospects Emotionally Charged by Providing Personal Training Solutions

You want to get people emotionally charged. You want to get people emotionally excited about what’s going to happen. People will purchase based on emotion, and justify based on logic. So you want to get people into an emotional state. Get them excited. Speak to them about the prospective future in terms of the results that they’re going to achieve: how are they going to look? How are they going to feel? What impact is that going to have on their life?

Alternatively, on the flip side, you could look at some of the pain points. What is it that’s gotten them to this point, to be in this amount of pain, to be 10, 20, 30 kilos overweight? How many times have they thought about losing weight? How many times have they started a new diet? How many times have they considered walking into a gym but never done it? Take them through that state. Ask them how much longer they are prepared to put up with this. You want to get them emotionally excited.

That sit down meeting is absolutely paramount, when you ask those questions and you get the information. We then start to remove the sales from the selling. Just like is says in the book: take the sales out of selling. It’s all about enabling someone to sell themselves into it. So you’re not trying to convince them to do anything; all you’re doing is providing a solution to their problems. That’s what we are: solution providers.

So apply this in your next process – show your clients how you will give them the personal training solutions that they need. Use it, and make sure you get your hands on the resource so that we can help you along the way.