Your personal training business success depends on personal training sales, among other things. When it comes to closing sales with clients, you need to make sure you know what questions to ask. Fortunately, Create PT Wealth has the answers for you.

This is another great CPTW business building tip:


Personal Training Sales Questions

This tip is all about sales. When you are sitting in the sales process you need to be asking your prospective client the question, “Have you had a personal trainer before?” It blows me away realising how many people have actually engaged the services of a personal trainer previously, and are now starting out with a new trainer.

I guarantee you that that’s a great question to ask. Because what can happen from there is that it can open up a myriad of different questions that you can ask that person.

  • How did they find that experience with that previous personal trainer? 
  • What kind of sessions were they doing?
  • Were they half an hour, 45 minute, or one hour sessions?
  • Why did they stop?
  • What bits did they like about it?
  • What bits didn’t they like about it?
  • You can even ask them how much did they pay before. It can just be as simple as saying, “Look I hope you don’t mind me asking, but how much did you pay for those 45 minute sessions?
The importance of questions for personal training sales

What this enables you to do is to start to engineer an idea of how they previously trained with their trainer. Straight away that gives you insight into where they’re at, what type of training they like, what they did like, what they didn’t like, and roughly where they could be in budget.

Now be mindful when you ask the budget question, be careful not to make a decision based on that. Because if you ask, “How much did you previously pay for a 45 minute session?” and they tell you it was $50, don’t just assume that $50 is all they’ll spend. Because I guarantee you that I can show you many examples of people who paid way more that.

Go and implement this strategy and put it into your sales process. Asking the right questions is essential for effective personal training sales.