A Personal Training Guarantee is Important for the Long-term Success of Your Business

This Create PT Wealth Business Building Tip is yet another tip from our number one best-selling book A Personal Trainer’s Guide to Wealth Creation. This tip is all about offering a guarantee.

Do you offer a powerful personal training guarantee?

In your personal training business do you offer a guarantee for what you do? And is that guarantee powerful enough to evoke some emotion? To evoke some type of response from your target client?

Let’s use an example from our book… The guarantee that we had in our personal training business, Peak Physique, for many years was: if you’re not 100% satisfied with the workout that you do with us (because we want every single session that you do with us to be entirely awesome), then not only do you not pay for that session, we’ll give you the next session for free. And in addition to that we’ll give you a fresh crisp $100 note for your troubles.

Why you need to offer a personal training guarantee

What a powerful guarantee does is that it removes all the risks for the potential client. What we found was that when we were sitting down in the initial sales meetings with a potential clients, people were commenting on how powerful and awesome that was.

Let’s break it down and look at what we’re actually guaranteeing: we’re guaranteeing that they will absolutely love every single session.

Do your clients love your sessions? The answer is probably Yes. Is every session that you do absolutely awesome? I’m assuming that the answer is also Yes. We knew that we were doing well. We knew that clients were loving it. So for us, that was very easy to guarantee. However, if someone wasn’t happy then we’d certainly want to know about it.

From my perspective, I asked: what would I be prepared to pay to find out about a problem, if I could provide a solution to that problem? I need to think about the lifetime value of a client. If I think of a client who’s been with my business for about ten years, and that client is paying $80 per session and training twice per week, that’s about $8000 per year. Over the course of ten years that’s close to $80 000. If that sounds like a lot of money, it is. Would you be prepared to spend $100 to potentially hold onto a client and find out if there was a problem? And I’m sure the answer would be Yes.

Have a think about what you can do in your business by offering an emotive personal training guarantee. It’s all in the book, check it out here.