Create PT Wealth’s Jason Urbanowicz brings this insightful YouTube video about the right way to approach setting personal training fees for your business, enabling you to ultimately create the business and lifestyle that you want.


How To Charge Personal Training Fees

Today we’re going to look at the whole idea of what to charge for personal training, but from a different point of view.

We speak to a lot of personal trainers and there’s a lot of discounting happening at the moment. A lot of personal trainers are starting out new and they don’t have a very clear idea about how to sell and promote their actual service or product.

Discounting vs Value Adding

We’re big fans of, instead of discounting, value adding. If someone’s going to train with you three times a week, instead of looking at it and saying “If you train with me more often, I’m going to discount it”, why not add value instead and get the same out of your rate? Because the reality is that for 45 minutes or an hour of your time, someone else could pay the full fee. So it’s changing the way we think about it and adding value.

Don’t think about it in terms of what the person is paying. We need to think about it, in my professional opinion, in terms of what your clients are prepared to pay to get the final result. So your clients are paying for the end result, so unless you describe that process and show them how you’re going to get from A to Z (Z being the end result), then it’s going to be about the money and not the end result. It needs to be about them getting what they really want, rather than them asking what the personal training is going to cost them per session. So if you’re only looking at price and thinking about price, then that’s what will be delivered in your sales appointment or when you’re trying to promote your service.

Focus on Value: Provide Personal Training Results

So get away from that. Start thinking about value. Start thinking about your clients’ fears, frustrations, problems and desires. Find a way within a program to help solve that problem. Get away form just selling personal training. The reality is, no-one’s really sitting there thinking “I wish I had a personal trainer. I want a personal trainer. I want to gym.” You need to ask what do they really want? What they really want is to look good, have a better attitude, feel sexy, and they want to have more confidence. That’s what they actually want so we need to provide that solution for them.

It’s a bit like us and our business and when trainers come along to our events, and we say “Do you really want to learn about marketing and business and sales?” They think they have to answer “Yes” but the reality is for most people that’s not a sexy thing to do with your spare time. Let’s be honest, what is appealing is taking holidays whenever you want and knowing that your income is going to stay the same, your income is not going to crash and burn, that you can actually earn more money when you’re not at the business. That’s exciting: the ability to earn a passive income, the ability to reduce your hours, the ability to spend more time with your family. For me, I get to spend heaps of time with my family because I set my business up many many years ago, so I have the luxury of putting my lifestyle first and work second if I choose to do so. So that’s the example that we look for.

Go and get into it, rip into it. Create your business and start really moving yourself forward in the right direction.