Time to put down the dumbbells you committed Personal Trainers and pick up your pen and paper to review where your business is at. As I write this post, it is once again the end of another financial year in Australia.

One of the best things you can do, is take time out this week to stop and reflect on the past 12-months.

We often see way to many personal trainers simply rolling onto the next 12-months, without reflecting or asking some very key questions regarding the results of their business.

As Australia’s largest and most successful (if not the worlds) Business Coaching Company for Personal Trainers, we have attached a simply, yet powerful survey to get the ball rolling for you.

It’s not the full picture of what you need to review, but it’s a bloody great start. Especially if you had no intentions of reviewing your business or have never done it in the past.

My suggestion is that you really need a Coach, Mentor, along with a great accountant to really help you to make sure you build a successful business.

More importantly, your business needs to be viewed as an investment that supports you and possibly your family in the short and long-term.

I’ve lost count of the personal training businesses I’ve witnessed, that have not done a good job in these areas, to only walk away empty handed because their business went under.

Investing some time, energy and money in making sure you secure your financial future is a must. But you would only educate yourself in this area if you truly wanted a successful business and lifestyle.

Anyway, here is the survey as a gift from us to you.

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Create PT Wealth Survey