How to overcome objections in sales

As a personal trainer, you know how important the sales process is. You’ll also know about the common objections voiced by prospective clients. What if there was a way to avoid these objections? There is a way in which you can discuss these issues and deal with them in order to overcome objections in sales and sign up more paying clients. The video below from Create PT Wealth shows you just how to do this.

Does the word ‘sales’ make you cringe?

If you don’t like sales then you’re not alone. Many personal trainers don’t like the sales process. They feel stressed and under pressure. They feel like slippery salesmen. They feel greedy and money-hungry. Perhaps you also feel uncomfortable when it comes to sales? Many personal trainers are great trainers who help their clients achieve their health and fitness goals. Although they feel confident as trainers they don’t feel confident when it comes to sales. We can show you how to avoid being a salesman and rather be a solution provider instead.

The key to overcome objections in sales

Remember that prospective clients want to do business with people who they know, like and trust. So in order to overcome objections in sales you need to get your prospects to know, like and trust you. This will go a long way in trying to overcome common roadblocks. These common objections include comments such as:

  • I want to ask my partner.
  • The price is too high.
  • I want to think it over.
  • I want to check out the competition.

When and how do you deal with these objections? Most personal trainers have a consultation with prospective clients. It is during this conversation that you will implement your sales process. It is here that you can be a solution provider and overcome objections in sales.

The sales conversation

Watch this video clip below. This insightful Create PT Wealth webinar will take you through all the common objections. We give you lots of great ideas as to how to overcome these roadblocks. Follow our tips and you’ll be able to save time and convert more prospects to paying clients.