This series of posts has been looking at what constitutes the mindset of a successful personal trainer. We’ve looked at two integral components thus far: delayed gratification and avoiding the victim mindset by taking responsibility for your business. A third vital element is creativity. However, this can only be truly achieved if you have also mastered the ability to relax.

In today’s world everyone seems obsessed with stress and being incredibly busy all the time. However, there are definite cognitive benefits when one is in a relaxed state. We’re not talking about complete relaxation, to the extent that you’re falling asleep. What we’re talking about is decreasing the amount of tension you’re experiencing so that you can access the benefits of your subconscious mind.

As you decrease tension and start to relax, you will find that your memory works better. You will be better able to recall the people, events and details that are necessary for the success of your business. Relax a little more and you will discover enhanced intuition. This ‘gut feeling’ is essential when you’re working with and hiring people, as you do as a personal trainer. The next level of relaxation will enable you to be more creative.

Creativity is an essential ability for any business owner. This is what will enable you to be innovative, think outside the box, and stand out from the competition. It will also drastically improve your problem-solving abilities. Creativity will enable you to transform all aspects of your business, from getting new clients to developing an effective business plan.

Altogether, delayed gratification, taking responsibility, and learning to relax in order to access creativity are all essential aspects of the mindset that you need to adopt if you want to experience greater personal training business success.