Our previous post examined the importance of delayed gratification for any personal trainer’s mindset for success. Another important part of the successful personal trainer’s mindset is the ability to not play the victim. In short, it’s important to take responsibility for your business as well as all the other facets of your life. Obviously you can’t assume responsibility for absolutely everything that happens to you. What we’re talking about here is taking responsibility for those things over which you have some control.

It’s very easy, not to mention comfortable, to play the victim. When you don’t assume responsibility, you’re giving in to fear. The fear of taking action and taking control. The fear of making choices. The fear of admitting that it’s your daily choices that have led you to your current situation. The fear of taking responsibility for your business and how successful it is.

In order to be successful, you have to change your mindset and overcome these fears. You need to take responsibility for your business, your income, and your level of success. This is an important part of the mindset that will lead to greater success. In addition to a higher income, you will develop personally, live the lifestyle of which you’ve always dreamed, and experience greater freedom and autonomy on a daily basis.