Dear Fitness Professional and Business Owner,

At Create PT Wealth wish we could just do business with a handshake, but you and I both know that’s not the reality of today’s world.

Therefore if you attend a Create PT Wealth seminar, workshop or live event, then we want you to be completely satisfied.

Bottom line, if at the end of this event, you feel in any way that you have not received value for attending the Create PT Wealth event, or you feel like you haven’t learned anything that could really make a difference in running a fitness business, all you have to do is march up to the administration desk and demand your investment be fully refunded. We will not hesitate to guarantee that your investment will be refunded in full. We will of course be curious to gaining some feedback from you if you are open to sharing. Not only that you can keep any materials and notes you might have been given over as our apology for wasting your time.