By Alexei Kouleshov

Are you struggling to find leads for your PT business? Or are you finding leads, but they’re cold leads who usually don’t end up converting?

Google AdWords advertising is a great method of promoting personal training businesses. AdWords can help bring higher quality, warmer leads to your PT business.

With the correct strategy, you can build an efficient advertising campaign that will bring you the right leads.

With the right AdWords campaign, people who click on your ads will have searched for exactly what you’re offering.

Do you have a clear vision of your values and niche within personal training? What’s your specialty? Crossfit, bodybuilding, triathlons, weight loss…?  Focus on your niche in both your website and advertising campaign.

This will bring you leads who are much more likely to convert, because they’re searching for exactly what you are offering, e.g. “crossfit personal training Brisbane”. Target people who are already looking for you, people who need your help the most.

Not everyone has to be your client.

What kind of customer do you want to promote your services to? How old are they? How motivated? Where do they live, how often do they want to train, how much money are they ready to spend on personal training?

Promote your services to people who you want to work with and people who want what you’re offering. This will create a win/win situation where both you and your clients are happy.

Targeting people who are geographically close to where you’re running your business.

With Google AdWords, you can target leads not only by what they are searching for, but also by where they are located. If you’re running a PT business in Brisbane, you don’t want to show your ads to people in Perth. That would be a waste of your advertising budget. Make sure you are focusing on the right location in your AdWords campaign. This will bring you customers who are more likely to sign up and continue to pay for your training.

Depending on your business, budget and how many leads you want to bring in, it might not be a good idea to target the whole city that you’re in. It might be better to focus on a smaller area closer to where your business is located.

Build a great website.

Customers should be able to find out information about your service quickly and easily. A great website doesn’t necessarily have to look fancy and sophisticated. It just needs to have content that is relevant to your business.

Focus the website content on what your target audience are looking for and the benefits they will get from your training.

You should have keywords that are relevant to your business in the content of your website and preferably also the URLs of the landing pages. This will help the quality scores and efficiency in your AdWords campaign.

The website also has to be mobile friendly.

Focus on what you’re best at: helping people get fit.

You do not have to build your own website. In fact, sometimes it’s a bad idea to do so. Your time is valuable, and you need to focus on what you are best at: changing people’s lives through personal training.

Don’t spend months trying to become an expert at web development to build your own website. Don’t try to do everything yourself.

Hire someone who’s already an expert – such as LeadFit – to help give your business the traffic it needs to succeed. Google policies, advertising and website guidelines are always changing, and it can be hard to keep up. An experienced AdWords advertiser like LeadFit keeps up with Google’s changing policies, making sure ads are always approved.

Make the ads reflect the information on your website.

Your website is usually the first part of your business a new lead will see. The website should be optimised in a way that shows leads relevant information. Offer them some value and make them excited about your service.

Once you have the website built, you need the right marketing campaign to bring quality traffic to it. Trust the experts at LeadFit when it comes to this.

Monitor and fine tune the campaign over time.

To ensure that your AdWords campaign continues to be effective and efficient, the team at LeadFit will monitor and optimise your campaign over time.


At Your Easy Web Solutions, we have developed a service called LeadFit. LeadFit is specifically designed for bringing high quality leads to personal training businesses. We have built successful websites and AdWords campaigns for many PT businesses and know how to make it work.

If you are running a personal training business and want a better website and more leads, contact us for a free consultation.