Jason tells us about PT Business and Social Media and making it work for you

In this 21 minute video, social media expert Leanne Peard interviews Jason Urbanowicz and he delivers pure gold on being a successful Personal Trainer. Leanne has a social media coaching company that has helped many PT businesses embrace social media, get over the hurdles of not knowing the technology, and increase their client base with proven practical training.

Find out out he and his partner Brad Sheppard got their start in the PT business, how they were led to the idea of being in a real Personal Training business and what it took to get where they are now. He tells of how their PT business and social media’s impact!

He reveals a few of the struggles other fitness professionals encounter. You are not alone out there!

Learn how mindset can make all the difference between being successful and making money in your PT business and just getting by.

Jason identifies key areas of business that need to be addressed daily and weekly. He also shares what to spend time on to make your PT business grow.

Why is Social Media so important to PT businesses, growing your client base and moving towards your dreams?

Make sure you have a pen or pencil and get some paper because you will want to be taking notes!!

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Find out what Jason, Brad and the Create PT Wealth team can do for you when it comes to starting down the path to success!