The first post in this series looked at the importance of using segmentation on Facebook to increase sales online. In other words, how segmentation ensures that the right marketing material reaches the right Facebook users.

However, segmentation is not enough in and of itself. Once you’ve made sure that your adverts and posts are reaching the right people, it is up to you to follow up on all clicks, ‘likes’ and comments. Depending on your Facebook marketing budget, you can choose to pay per click to your external landing page, or by the number of ‘likes’ you receive on your Facebook page.

Follow up on all leads with customised emails to establish a relationship. Remember that just as different subgroups responded to different advert and posts, so too will they warrant different follow-up emails.

When you send an email, think about a potential client’s problems and needs. You need to market yourself as an expert, who can solve their fitness problems and meet their needs better than anyone else. Think about the following…

  • What are this particular subgroup’s specific problems and needs?
  • How can my services solve their problems and meet their needs?
  • Why are my services the best solution for them?
  • What value am I offering these potential clients?

The next post will look at different types of posts on Facebook and how they can work for you.