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Improve your marketing for PT business success!

One of the main topics that we get asked a lot about is marketing and how to do it effectively. We’re going to give you a very brief but powerful tip.

Number one: when you do your marketing, are you solving a problem? Are you providing a solution? And are you claiming a big benefit in terms of what your programme can deliver? Versus… Are you doing the old ‘me too’ marketing, which says the same, looks the same, feels the same, and doesn’t tell the potential buyer or client what’s in it for them?

So with your marketing, it’s got to solve some sort of problem; it’s got to have some kind of big benefit (or benefits) in terms of what they can receive or get out of training with you. Versus… features of your business. A lot of people market and they say, “We do boxing. We do spin classes. We do outdoor bootcamps.” Put yourself in the potential client’s shoes. What does that information tell them? It tells them very little. It doesn’t solve anything. It just tells them about the features.

Tailor your marketing to your business

So with your business, think about the main benefits people get from training with you. Do they accelerate fat loss? Do they burn more body fat while they’re sleeping or resting? All the things that we know scientifically can happen, but phrase it as a benefit.

Think about that when you’re doing your marketing. Are you doing those things, or are you promoting features? Remember, you’re not in a personal training business. You’re in a marketing and sales business. You can be the best technical trainer on the planet and have the best service. But if you don’t know how to market that effectively so that people find it appealing, you will also be the best kept secret. And probably the most broke!

Our tip on marketing: we really recommend that you spend time educating yourself in this area, get around those who are doing it successfully, and you’ll notice a big change in your business.