It is imperative that all personal trainers have a great customer service system because this is used for retaining clients and extending the lifetime value of a client. Your very livelihood depends on pleasing your clients.

Just what is customer care?

To put it simply, customer care entails providing a service that meets your clients’ expectations and increases their level of satisfaction with the service that you provide.

Why is customer service so important?

Customer care is integral to the success of your personal training business. Effective customer service is important for several reasons:

  1. Customer service has a powerful influence on clients’ perceptions of you and your business.
  2. Customer care increases your ability to generate more income and revenue.
  3. It encourages loyalty and helps you to retain your current clients. Remember that it costs several times more to acquire a new client than it does to retain a current client.
  4. Customer Care can help you to get more referrals, increase sales and gain new clients.
  5. Customer service extends the lifetime value of a client.

How is customer care relevant to personal training?

Customer care is linked to almost every aspect of your personal training business. Providing excellent customer service includes many considerations, including (but not limited to):

  • Your telephone manner
  • Your reliability
  • The manner in which you balance professionalism and friendliness
  • The extent to which your training sessions meet your clients’ needs
  • How you help your clients reach their goals
  • The perceived value of your services
  • Consistently keeping things fresh and new
  • Regularly asking your clients what they want
  • Providing information that is relevant to your clients
  • Having a great website that answers FAQ
  • Additional services and assistance
  • The manner in which you respond to and deal with complaints