How to Make Sure That You Turn Your PT Leads Into Profits!

PT leads into Profits! Yes it can be done!
One of the keys to running a successful business is to make sure that all areas are working effectively. In my early years of business I had no idea what was working to bring in pt client leads.

Secondly, when I did do some sort of marketing for my business, I had no idea why I was doing it and what type of client I wanted to attract.

It was really just guess work. Lastly, I had no idea if the marketing I was doing was even working. That’s right folks; I had no way to test and measure what I was spending my money on.

Make decisions based on fact not hope!

So let’s recap on what’s required to have a system that enables us to run our business on facts and not hope.

1.Once you have several different methods for attracting leads into your business because you have follow the steps first, it’s then time to test and measure them. It’s no different than designing an exercise program for a client, unless they have a way to test and measure what they are doing regularly, then it is just guess work.

2. This can be as simple as making it standard practice to ask people who call to inquire, how they heard about you. Was it via the local newspaper, Internet, referral, flyer, and shopping centre promo? The most important part about this is that you have a method to record that information. Example: It gets entered straight into a system on your computer or you have printed out sheets labelled “Phone Inquiries”.

Then at the end of each week you only need to spend 10 minutes looking at how many leads you got each week and where they came from. For example: If you are spending say $300 per week on an Ad in the paper and you are getting no leads, then you would want to revise doing that method. Now, it may also be that your marketing sucks and need to try a few different Ads, but you won’t know unless you can test it. On the other hand, if you find out that the Ad is bring in 30 leads per week, that works out that it is costing you $10 per lead. The question then is, would you be prepared to spend $10 to get a client? I sure would. Especially if the average dollar spend of your clients is say $5,000 per year, it is well worth it.

The other question is; how many leads do you need to convert in order to make it worthwhile. Well, let’s look at the table below.

Method Cost Leads Cost per Lead Converted Grossed
Paper x 3 weeks $800 40 $20.00 25 x $2,000 $50,000
Flyers $300 15 $33.00 9 x $1,500 $13,500

So let’s look at the above table in more detail:

Method: this is how you are going to get leads. The first method we used above was advertising in the local paper for a three-week period. The total cost was $800. From the three-week advertising we pulled 40 leads (this means we had peoples contact details and they were added to our data base).

It worked out that when you divide 800 by 40 you get $20.00. So, this is how much it cost us to get those leads into our business. Out of the 40 leads we were able to convert 25 of them into paying clients at $2,000 per person. That works out to be $50,000 for the year out of that one promotion.

End result. We spent $800 to make $50,000, but the best part is that we know that the method works so we will keep using it.

3.Next thing you want to do is have a predictable system for making sure you get all the leads you can off your Advertising. I remember working with a personal trainer who had figured out how to get about 60 pt leads per week off his website. This is really a huge advantage in business to be able to get that many leads coming off your website at very little cost. The only problem was that when it came time to call the leads or when the lead called them, that’s as far as it went.

Once again, there is no point getting leads and not having a system or method to take them to the next stage. When the trainer I was working with answered the phone, they had no method or outcome for why they said what they said. Because they had no method or system when speaking with their leads, it always ended up with the lead asking how much they charge. And they would tell them how much and then it would end with the lead saying thanks, I will think about it. And, they never ring back.

4. If you don’t know what the next step is, for getting a lead to become a client, then you are going to fail to convert your efforts into dollars. Think about it like this. If you are unable to help your leads take the next step, which is to meet you face to face, then all they are left with is to ask you how much is it.

5. If you want to get some concreting done at your place and you know nothing about concreting. What will be one of the first questions you will ask whoever you call?

How much is it?

And if the person tells you the price and does not find out what your goals are, then nine times out of ten, you will only go on price. The problem with that is, you may not actually get the right person or the job you really want.

6. So, if you don’t use a method or system, which helps your leads to understand what they really need, then you are A) Doing them a disservice and B) Costing your business money.

7. Below is an example of a method to use when first talking with your leads on the phone.

Telephone Sales Script

*”Thank you for calling (YOUR BUSINESS NAME) this is “your name” speaking”.

A lot of people may ask you a question regarding price or what you offer. Never, Ever Give Prices over the phone, no matter how much someone wants a price. Your next response needs to be along the lines of.

*”Sorry; whom am I speaking with?”…. write their name down on your phone sales script sheets, which have, blank spaces to record the appropriate information on. These sheets need to be left by the phone and reviewed at the end of each day.

Then, using their name, inform them that you have just a few questions to ask them.

*”Person’s name…can you tell me how you found out about us?”… record response

Thank them for giving you that information.

*”Because we are a lot different than most gyms and personal trainers, we are focused on making sure we can help you first, before going any further. What sort of results are you hoping to achieve with your health and fitness?”

Ask as many questions as you think helps them feel heard… this is also building good rapport with the person… then sayGreat… that sounds like our Trim and Tone Program”.

*”To make sure that we can provide you with a service that will help you to achieve your goals, we need to arrange a free no obligation consultant which will take up to 30 mins. Is morning or afternoon better for you?” They respond………… “Great, I have available times on Monday at …… am/pm or Wednesday at …….. Which would you prefer?”

*Do you know where we are located!”

If you work from home, then you will arrange to meet at their office or a café. If you have a studio, then make sure you have a nice area to do the meeting at. Otherwise cafes work great.

If at any point they say, “Can’t you just give me a price to save time”, here is what you could say.

*”Name ……. Is money the only thing that you are concerned about?”

There are plenty of versions of this and I suggest you use this method in your manner or words. You could also say something like… “I would love to be able to give you a price, but it would actually be unfair to do so. I won’t know 100% what you we will need to do in order to reach your goals until we meet. At the end of that meeting, if it feels like a good fit for you and for us, then I will run through pricing options.”

Let them answer ………Yes/No etc…………………………..

*”Our main focus at (Your Business Name) is getting our clients results and we do that better than anybody else, guaranteed, which is what makes us different than everybody else. So if you aren’t 100% committed at this point to achieving your health & fitness goals then we understand, but our service will not be a good fit for you. If you are looking for a centre etc. who is focused on price first and getting results second, then I am happy to refer you to such a centre.

What would you like to do?”

At that point you just go quite. Most of the time they will say, “I am serious.” You then say “Great, then I look forward to meeting with you at xcxcxc.”

How you finish the call will depend on their answer!

If they decided not to go with your service, then wish them well in achieving their goals and keep the invitation open for them to call again. (Remember, some people aren’t ready today, but may be down the track, they may need to go and spend money on a poor quality service to get it).

I would say something like this – “I thank you for your inquiry and please feel free to contact us when you are really committed to achieving your health & fitness Create PT Business Successgoals.”

The most important thing at the end of the day is to record their contact details so you can keep in contact with them for the rest of their life via emails, mail outs, phone calls etc. So simply ask them if you can stay in contact with them by sending them information that may be of interest to them.

If they decided to run with the free consultation, congratulate them on making a positive step towards improving their quality of life.

Make sure you start practicing today. Then come to our facebook page and tell us how you have gone!