So you have some clients. How do you make sure that they stay loyal? The most important thing to ensure client retention is to be PROACTIVE!

These are the secrets of client retention for personal trainers:

1. Set out reasonable expectations or goals and then over-deliver. Help clients achive their goalsDon’t be one of those personal trainers who promises miraculous results in an unrealistic time frame. Rather set cautious goals at the beginning, and then make sure that you help your client achieve those goals and more.

2. Be professional and ethical at all times.

3. Reciprocity. It’s simple: if you go the extra mile for your clients they will reward you with repeat business.

4. Give personalised service. All of us respond to being given that extra bit of attention, so make sure that you stay focused on your client and give them undivided attention. Use their name, get to know them, be enthusiastic about their progress.

5. Create the right environment. Clients respond to trainers who are enthusiastic, positive, energetic and motivating.
Create the right environment
6. Develop good relationships with your clients. Be interested, be a source of trust. Regular communication via email and/or social media is a great way to maintain interaction with your clients.

7. Good communication is better than speedy communication. Clients respond better to friendly, professional and helpful communication. So don’t take that call while you’re busy or with another client; rather wait until you have a moment to call back and speak to them at leisure, with your full attention.

8. Anticipate then prevent problems. For example, you might need to boost the level of encouragement and motivation you give your clients to make sure they stay with you through the colder, darker winter months when many people ease off on their training.

9. Get feedback. While surveys can be a good idea, it’s really important to listen to individual clients to see how your service is matching up to their expectations. And, most importantly, use this feedback to help you improve the service that you offer.

10. Be consistent. Customer retention needs to be something that you’re actively pursuing all the time, not just when it looks like you might lose a client or two.

Being proactive and implementing these tips consistently will ensure customer loyalty and increased referrals.