Remember to put yourself in your PT prospects shoes when it comes to selling your services to them. It has been a big deal for them to even meet with you half the time, so your job is to build that trust and build rapport.

Helping them to overcome their personal blockages/fears, concerns, which show up as objections when they are sitting in front of us, is what will help make you ultra successful in this game.

You will also be doing the pt prospect a big favor, because the last few trainers, businesses etc., have not been able to provide this level of support.

What this means is that you need to become good at negotiating by following up with this article here…

If you don’t spend time mastering these areas, you will struggle to get what you want from your pt business and personal life for that matter. We suggest you read as many books on this area as possible and practice as much as you can until you feel very comfortable doing so.

A big part of doing so is changing your mindset and overcoming your hang-ups in this area. We need to look at objections as a sign of interest in your service or product, an opportunity, not a setback or obstacle.

Your prospects are talking to you because they are interested, otherwise you would not have reached this stage.

Objections are signals to lead you to the sale

In the table below we have listed some of the most commonly heard objections and what they person is probably really meaning.

I want to go home and think about it. You have not made it clear why I need your Service and not sold in yet.
I think the place down the road can do a Better deal. You have not yet shown me why I should use Your service over the other pt services. Not clear if this is the best opportunity for me.
I have to talk it over with my spouse. I’m not totally sold in order to sell her/him.
I need to see if I can afford it. I’m not totally sold yet. You haven’t made your services important enough to me yet.