Are you looking to gain more Personal Training clients or maybe build a team of Personal Trainers that will build you a bigger business, which can move you one step closer to living the lifestyle of your dreams?

If you answered yes to the above question, then you need to develop a system for having a guaranteed constant stream of new potential Personal Training prospects!

While, there are literally thousands of ways that you can start (or improve your current) marketing process, today we will be discussing how you can create joint alliances with like minded businesses to grow your client base.

However, before we do, let’s define exactly what we are talking about, when we use the term “like minded businesses”.

Here, we are referring to other businesses (that could be in the fitness industry or not) that have a pro-active, abundance mentality.

These are businesses that recognise that that the combined synergy of the two of your businesses engaging in cross promotion is going to be of potential huge benefit to each party.

In addition to this, you are looking for businesses that already have a large database of people, with whom they have a great relationship.

That is they keep in contact with that database regularly and provide them with useful information. (read that sentence again)

We also assume at this point that you also have a database of people, with whom you have a great relationship!

Understand that other successful business owners are often very busy, so it might take more than one attempt to create a working relationship. In some circumstances it has taken me literally months to establish and grow a relationship to the point that we worked together, however the long term boost to business was massive!

Let me give you an example how of one of our current Internship members used this very strategy to create a joint alliance;

Pauls Personal Training Business created a relationship with the local Fruit and Vegetable Organic Supermarket.

They worked together in the following way:

– Paul added the information from the supermarket to his e-newsletter, website & even created nutritional endorsements to his database.

– In exchange, he is featured on the supermarkets website, giving updated fitness tips, including a “Special Offer” to those clients each week with a limited “call to action”. Updating each week, allows returning customers to receive the “next valuable tip”

– The relationship grew so that Paul started training the owner of the supermarkets (he has a few!) and this enabled Paul to utilise his new client for a powerful endorsement and testimonial (in both written and video) which was distributed to both databases and promoted heavily to his “new” prospects. This is an incredibly powerful method!

– With the emergence of “on-line grocery shopping” this has now enabled Paul to have an even better opportunity to source new clients to his business as with each “weekly order” he can add special deals, incentives or opportunities for people to “sample” what Pauls Personal training business can offer!

As you can see, through just one relationship with a like minded business, you can hugely expand your database and with the right system and guidance can build your business to epic proportions.

Set yourself a realistic target each month of who you want to connect with and go for it!

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