Every one of us in business, should be well aware of problems or issues that you can fix.
I personally know that many of my clients come up with objections around price and often it is not that easy to overcome. What If? You had a solution to this problem, what if you could offer a solution to the price objection? What if you can create an online business delivering personal training at a lower price?  Most of my clients are now using this as an alternative to a problem that they are facing and getting great results. In fact one of my clients has seen such a potential growth, he is focussing his entire business model online personal training and maintenance options.

So how do you create an online business?  That’s a great question!

  1. Find a need or problem and fill it

Most people have a great idea and then create a product, without checking out if the market actually want it… This is a mistake that will cost you a great deal of cash.

Once you have identified the problem and have the idea to fill it, you will need to do some market research and validation. So this means you will need to see if anyone else is selling this product, if they are that’s great news, as they have possibly already checked out the market and know that it’s viable. You need to go to Keyword Research Tools and look at all the keywords that are being searched for to again validate the market.

Navigate to YouTube and Google, type those words in again to validate the search enquiry.  “Click Bank” and “JV Zoo” are two other market places that you can compare what you are going to create with what is out there already.

  1. Copy is always a hard task, however now with Script Funnels (a product from Click Funnels) for around $270 you can write all the copy you want and it is super easy. This process will assist you with brainstorming those blog posts, Facebook posts and adds to help market your product
  1. You have now crossed all the I’s and the T’s you need to decide on what product you are going to offer; is it online personal training, nutritional products, meal plans, modulated courses, or group coaching or all of the above?

One of the easiest ways to work this out is to create a timeline starting with where the client is (what they want to escape from) and where the client wants to go (the end result).

Then put in all the steps that you know that they will need to cover

From this example you can start to work out what products, you may choose to do an eBook on changing habits, then sell a modulated course on the exercise routine and dieting and nutrition. Its really that simple.

The next step is in the delivery of the product, will you need a course website?

i.e. Optimised press or Course cats are two very easy platforms that are affordable and work with WordPress, or are you going to use something like trainerize to deliver the exercise routine for personal training, either way you need to work out how you are going to deliver the product. (included in here but I am not going to go into detail are things like my email responder and building your list and creating a funnel)

The the product creation: are you going to outsource or create yourself.

So now you are a product creator and you have an online business, you now need to consider how are you going to let others know about your product/service. Well you already have your existing client base to share, there is your Facebook friends, and of course Facebook marketing. What I love is what Russell Brunson’s says, the traffic is already out there, you just need to tap into it, rather than drive it…

So where are your potential clients, are they hanging out on fitness blogs/forums/Facebook groups/LinkedIn groups.

What websites are they visiting, one you have collected all this information you can chat to them in groups and forums, you can post your content in your own Facebook sphere, and create Facebook adds.  You can also create banner adds for your products, contact the websites and place this onto their sties for a small fee.

As you can see it is not that difficult to solve the problem that your clients or others in this industry have and creating passive income or an online business.

The information industry is booming and is continuing to boom, the hottest niches are Health/Fitness – Hello!!!! Personal Development and micro niches (which is niches inside of niches).

Frank Kerns states that if everyone created a product we would not be able to meet the demand of a 740 billion dollar industry, which is doubling each year.

Show me the money J

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