Landing pages are specifically designed for the vital moment of a sales funnel. When a lead becomes a customer. What marketers call ‘the conversion event’.

What makes landing pages so effective at converting leads to customers?  They are focused and precise.  All they do is convert.  A landing page has a customer info form to submit enquiries or sign up for services, and the rest of the page exists to get the right people to fill out that form.  In this way a good landing page avoids clutter, and simply illustrates the value and credibility of the business to the lead.  If you offer the service the person is looking for, they fill out the form.  You now have the contact details of another genuine customer.

PT is personal.  Direct contact between a personal trainer and a customer is a much more effective method of customer acquisition than generalised content.

You can have a similar form on a homepage, and they can be useful too, but there is a lot of other information on your homepage to distract from the form. For a more effective call-to-arms, you need just enough information to demonstrate value to relevant, interested consumers.

Examples of Good Landing Pages in the PT Industry and Why they Work

Live Fit Personal Training use a landing page for their BodyShape Program for Women. There are a several factors which make this landing page work.

Firstly, the target market is immediately obvious – women in the market for personal training. The audience can easily identify that you offer a service relevant to them.

The enquiry form and prompt to ‘book now’ are both adjacent to the main text and clearly visible, with purposes that appeal to consumers actually interested in becoming customers.

Further information, such as testimonials and a relevant marketing video, is found by scrolling down. This is an excellent method of preventing clutter from distracting ready customers, while providing extra material to sell those needing a little more convincing.

Another great example with some alternative techniques, is Crossfit Iron Lion’s 30 day Challenge landing page. The target segment here is more broad, being people who feel a need for the extra motivation of being locked into time period challenges. This is made clear in a precise sales message followed by a prompt to download an information pack, which requires filling out the details form.

This method adds an extra step before capturing customer contact details, but this step adds its own advantages. Firstly, it appeals specifically to people who want more information and are clearly interested in becoming customers. The same button also offers a bonus product which is relevant to the target segment and might quickly provide that extra little push some people may need.

Another thing this page does well is highlight the start date and length of the challenge, which prevents diluting your consumer base with people who are interested but unavailable. Again, scrolling down reveals similar additional selling points for people who want a little more information before committing. This page even adds another prompt at the end, leading consumers to the form.

How to Create a Good Landing Page

Creating a strong landing page which will be found by warmer leads is a complicated process. Not only is there a particular skill set required, but knowing what works and what doesn’t work is a matter of expertise developed through experience. You have a much higher chance of success if you engage the services of a tried and tested online marketing company. Without professional help, you are likely to spend a lot more time and effort and still not have an effective landing page.