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1) The Major Key to Unlocking Your Full Potential

  • How your self-sabotaging beliefs can roadblock your success
  • Discover what your parents didn’t teach you and what you need to know to be successful in business
  • How to re-program yourself for success and wealth as a Personal Trainer
  • Uncover the keys to making your business successful by seeing how others have stuffed up! A “what not to do” guide! And if you don’t learn these 5 keys then you are stuffing up your opportunity to make a lot of money and help your clients get the results they deserve.

2) The Mindset of The Six Figure Trainer

  • How to effectively increase your charge out rates while retaining 98% of them. Why you must increase your charge out rates and how to do it without losing any customers
  • What holds most personal trainers back from making their business grow, and how you can overcome it!
  • Identify how to successfully invest in your business to remove yourself from it compared to just a job with only one or two income streams.
  • This is not designed to make you busier. Instead, you will have more free time to work ON your business as well as taking regular holidays while still having an income!

3) How To Stand Out From The Pack

  • With 40,000 PT’s Australia Wide and another 15,000 graduating every year, what is going to separate you?
  • When you see a new client for the first time, what do you tell them about why they should use you as their PT, compared to the other hundreds of PTs in your area?
  • How to stop competing on price as a personal trainer
  • How to identify your niche market with a 5 step proven formula. This alone can make you wealthy. If you do not know your niche, then you should not do any advertising or marketing because your business is actually a job.
  • How to successfully test ad measure the results of your marketing so that you remove the guesswork and gambling out of business.

4) How To Provide The Solution Your Customers Are Looking For

  • How To Cut through the clutter and make your business the obvious best choice
  • Learn to formulate the reason why your client should choose you over other PTs. Your client will see you as the only logical and emotional choice because this is what a USP does.
  • How to develop an outrageous guarantee that stops people in their tracks
  • Why most business cards aren’t worth the paper they are printed on! Implement this idea in the first 24 hours and you will have paid for the cash outlay of all of this knowledge.
  • A step by step process to develop your own USP and position yourself as the expert
  • This is how you can save days of time trying to work out your USP (Unique Selling Proposition)
  • “Absolutely, Positively Overnight” was a USP that was developed by small team of experts to create a billion-dollar business. This is not something you can just guess in your spare time. You must formulate it according the proper rules.

5) How To Attract A Hungry Swarm Of Clients

  • How to attract a hungry swarm of clients to your business
  • How to position yourself as the expert and have them say yes every time
  • How a bold headline can make or break any marketing strategy
  • Why most Personal Trainers ads don’t work and what you can do to guarantee yours is a success!

6) How To Multiply Your Income

  • How to develop a diversity of income streams to generate more wealth. Just like different exercises develop the body you also must have multiple pillars of income. People don’t get rich on a single income stream and there is always risk that it may stop, then how would that feel?
  • What you need to do in order to make information products
  • A video camera and a blog or website is so cheap that there is no excuse for you not taking money out of the internet if you are an expert PT. Do not let the internet boom over the next ten years without you.
  • Your information products are your assets. They make money for years to come. You should be spending a certain part of your time on a consistent basis making information products that sell.
  • An action plan on how you can achieve success and your greatest income ever!

7) Personality Profile

  • Discover how certain traits that you exhibit may hold you back from having it all in life
  • Understand what areas that you need to improve upon if you are going to build the wealth that you desire
  • Learn a strategy on how you can be more productive and stop procrastinating in your business and in life in general!

8) How To Take The Sales Out Of Selling

  • How To Have a killer sales system that has them converting 9 out of every 10 times without clients cancelling!
  • How to engineer a turnkey system for building relationships that lead to sales that is easy and feels natural. Without this system, you will not get the big corporate deals.
  • Learn the 7 key phrases that you must say in every sales appointment to guarantee success!

9) How To Sell With Confidence

  • Learn the key questions that need to be uncovered in any new client sales meeting
  • How to have an “uncomfortable” conversation with someone
  • How to be a master communicator and have people begging to work with you
  • What to do to get on a deeper level with your prospects so that they feel you really care.

10) Build The Team

  • How to develop powerful methods to making more money, beyond simply counting reps!
  • What if most personal trainers will never make it as a successful business person Even if you have ambition, desire and the will to succeed you still need to find out how to prevent failure!
  • How to develop programs and packages that bring you in big bucks

Audio 1

The Mindset Of The Six-Figure PT
(Brad Sheppard)

Audio 2

How The Mind Works
(Jason Urbanowicz)

Audio 3

PT Money Models
(Brad Sheppard)

Audio 4

Blockage Busters
(Jason Urbanowicz)

Audio 5

Benefits In Business
(Jason Urbanowicz)

Audio 6

Multiple Streams Of Income
(Brad Sheppard)