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Limited Places and Appointments Available in 2014

  • Does Your Team of Rent Based Personal Trainers

    Lack the Skills, Knowledge and Understanding in the Key Area’s That They Need to Know to Be Successful in Running Their PT Business?

  • Are You Building a Great Team Of PT’s

    Who Are Good At What They Do, Can Get People In Shape, Deliver Great PT Sessions Yet Struggle To Acquire New Clients, Aren’t Great At Easily Replacing Clients When a Couple Drop Off and Seem To Lack The “Drive” To “Make It Happen”?

  • Do Your PT’s

    Simply Need a Guiding Force and a Definite “Uppercut” or “Kick up the Butt”?

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above,

then we would love to assist you in educating, motivating and literally inspiring your team of PT’s. That’s right, we want to effectively join your team and deliver the tools, tactics and systems that your team of PT’s need to guarantee that their business does not fail, but rather flourishes!

Introducing: Create PT Wealth’s Gym Presentations

Since 2008, Create PT Wealth has been responsible for conducting hundreds of Gym Presentations in such places as Fitness First, Goodlife, Fenix, Snap, Jetts, Anytime and many independent facilities to name a few.

As Featured In

Have the Create PT Wealth team come into your facility and deliver one of our educational workshops to your team to help them get what it is they need for success in business. Some of the most popular and well received presentations have been the following;
  • How To Take The Sales Out Of Selling And Convert More Leads Into Cash
  • How To Stand Out From The Pack And Market Yourself As The Obvious Best Choice

  • How To Create A Powerful Lead Generation System In Place, That Keeps People Banging On Your Door

– Bonus #1

Each Participant will receive a FREE copy of your No. 1 Best Selling Book “A Personal Trainers Guide To Wealth Creation” (yes, it’s acually a hard copy book) Valued @ $39.95

– Bonus #2

Each Personal Trainer that attends will also receive a copy of “Optimal Training Methods” which includes our proven methods on how to deliver advanced functional strenght training excercises, whilst enhancing the stability and control during each of these exercises. Valued @ $297.00

– Bonus #3

Also by completing “Optimal Training Methods” each personal trainer will receive 7 CEC points through Fitness Australia.

You Can Have All Of This In Your Club At Absolutely No Expense To You!

That’s right; our very popular Create PT Wealth gym presentation program is available to you for FREE!

Why do we do this, you might ask?

Quite simply, we want the opportunity to begin a relationship with your PT’s, as we have seen how powerful the implementation of our systems and processes, when applied, can make a huge difference into the business of each personal trainer. We would hate your PT’s to miss out on getting their hands on these tools, templates and tactics that can often be the difference between them succeeding in your club and them not being able to afford the weekly rent.

In addition to this, we want to provide the support and assistance to those that need it and more importantly want it the most to help take their business to the next level.

All you need to do is to take the first step and find out more

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