Hey gang. Hope you having a great start to the week. Now, I’ve got a quick and easy email tip for you today.

Now, if you have… I’m hoping that you’ve been keeping in contact with the people in your database, you’ve been sending out information. But this tip is good for anybody who’s going through a new campaign, email campaign or, somebody’s been on your database for a while and it’s called the just checking in. It’s one of those real simple things but I find and it gets a good engagement every time I’ve done it at least anyway.

There’s two parts the first part is the subject headline and that is just you could call it checking in and then, it’s the body of it. So, I was just checking in today to see if there’s anything that you need from me or something along those lines. It’s very straight to the point.

What I found when I’ve done emails like that the response rate has been a lot greater than when I’ve tried to craft long and laborious emails that can take ages to write and people haven’t taken the time to read them. So, I give that a go, give that one again. It’s two parts to it. Remember, they are checking in and the subject headline and the body of the text is just that the reason for contacting you today is to check in to see if there’s anything you need from me or something along those lines you craft in your words. But you get the point.

So, give it a go it’s a conversation starter and that’s really what you’re looking to. To get out of that then you from there you can continue on the conversation and of course your aim is in to, you know, eventually get them into an appointment on the phone so then you can take it that further.

Alright. Have a great rest of your week and looking forward to checking your email soon.