Developing the Mental Edge as a PT in Business

Sun Tzu once said that it is impossible to defeat an opponent who has an outpost within your mind. In order to succeed at anything, you need to give yourself the mental edge, but not just over the proverbial other guy (and nobody’s saying it can’t be a woman- it may even be a couple).

You need to give yourself an advantage over yourself.

Now, before you go thinking that this is some kind of zen three-legged race nonsense, let’s be real.

You’re not trying to defeat yourself in the present sense.

To do that would be the exact opposite of what we’re trying to accomplish, both in this report and in your PT business. Hell, we don’t even want your personal life to be self-defeating.

We’re going to warm up by identifying some traits that self-defeating people use.

Then we’re going to take a decent jog through the reasons why a person might be self-defeating.

Then we’re going to hit the heavy weight of how you can change your opinions of yourself and the world and get that mental edge.

For your cool down, we’ll talk about the real reasons why changing your self-image and your outlook on things can absolutely rock the world you live in. You’re more powerful than you realize, so you have no excuse to walk around like a wimp, especially mentally.

The Look of Wimpy: You Lose before You even Begin

Now, before you go thinking that we’re mocking the beloved American cartoon character of Wimpy, let it be known that neither he nor Popeye are under any insult by this segment or from this report. This isn’t about putting hamburgers on layaway, although you probably shouldn’t do that either.

Truth be known, Wimpy has probably gone vegan these days- they don’t make burgers like they used to. But getting back to seriousness, a person who carries around the mindset of a wimp has a lot of negative, self-defeating traits, which pollute their businesses, their relationships, and pretty much everything in their worlds.

If you ask them why they do certain things that end up torpedoing their own successes, they’re prone to shrugging their shoulders and just claiming to have screwed up “again.” They have well and truly lost their mental edge, in life and for their PT business.

We’ll get to some of the more probable reasons why a screw-up practices their screw-upishness (not really a word) at a later point in this report.

For now, let’s just reach out and pull down some of the traits. If you should happen to notice that you have a few of these traits, don’t take it personally. No one is perfect- we are all on the path of self-discovery (especially in the shower) and self-improvement.

If you are offended by such terms as “screw-up” or “wimp,” you may replace them with “self-defeating person” or “poor wretched soul,” depending on your preference.

If you get terribly offended by what we’re describing here, you might want to examine whether it’s because you feel yourself embodying these traits. If you do, it’s never too late to let go of bad things- it opens up a nice space for good ones to bloom.

Without further stalling here is a taste:

  • Often ignores good things in life.
  • Even if you meticulously list out all of the good things that have happened to them (or that they’ve done, or even both), they nod quietly but shrug off even the best news.
  • Assumes that any good things that happen are temporary flukes (and not on a dolphin’s tail).

If something goes wrong, the wimp typically assumes that it’s “just the way life is,” as if they are okay with it even if it hurts them badly. But if something goes well, they almost seem upset by it, and can hardly believe that it would happen to them.

Over the next few days we will be adding tips on how you can reach your true PT Mental Edge and be a successful PT business owner. If you would like to find out what we are up to currently – visit our facebook page and join in the conversation!