Developing a mental edge will strengthen your ability to succeed in your PT Business by cutting out the noise and distraction of negative influences.

Developing a mental edge will strengthen your ability to succeed in your PT Business by cutting out the noise and distraction of negative influences.
Sees the world as scarce

In some ways, we’re all dealing with scarcity. We only have 24 hours in a day, so many years to live, and so much money currently in our accounts.

But the self-defeating wimp sees their money as “never enough,” and they never consider that others may be willing to invest in their potential successes. To a wimp, the day feels less than half as long-most likely because the wimp’s life is so overly complicated and they’re doing too much of the work themselves.

No person ever succeeded when they felt scarce. There is simply too much fear and there are just too many built-in limitations when a person feels scarce. Any success a person gets in the shadow of scarcity must by definition be tightly guarded, lest it fly away. There’s a reason why the word “scarcity” is pronounced “scare city”. In scarcity, a person lives in a world of constant fear and permanent deprivation.

Tends not to take responsibility for their own actions

Self-defeating, wimpy types have the worst luck in the entire world. Their genes, their circumstances, their past, their ethnicity, their gender/sexuality, and their time and place all work against them. It’s extremely rare that a self-defeating person ever “catches a break.” And when that happens, there’s always something wrong with it and it’s very rarely their fault. You may have noticed this trait in one of your PT clients. It is a hurdle one must get over to reach their true mental edge – to be their best.

The above were just the most general, raging traits that you’ll see when you get to know someone who defeats themselves on a regular basis. By self-defeat, we’re talking about harming their own efforts to improve their lives. We’ll talk about the other type of self defeat (the good kind) later on. For now, let’s talk about the underlying reasons why a person might be self-defeating in the negative sense of the term.

Why would anybody want to damage their own life?

Before we begin, it would be unfair to imply that self-defeating tendencies are conscious. It is extremely rare that a person would “try” to do something well, while simultaneously combating their own successes with self-defeating activities and thoughts such as the ones listed in the previous section.

This is why a lot of people are downright puzzled by how much effort they put into a new training or PT business plan, and then how gloriously and completely it fails.

The really disturbing thing about self-sabotage is that it tends to overshadow even the best-laid plans, and the most careful conscious efforts.

A person with self-defeating tendencies can literally make even the best plan fail. And if a plan already has some serious challenges associated with it, the doom is even faster and more complete.

Let’s consider what causes a person to be self-sabotaging. There are some conflicting theories as to the deepest underlying cause of a person’s self-defeating tendencies- it’s either a self-image issue where they’ve developed a view that they are simply “cursed”with failure, or is the result of poor self-esteem, and an inner hatred of oneself. Let’s look at these two theories.

Low self-esteem has been blamed on more problems than Adolf Hitler – and unlike Hitler, when low self-esteem is placed in power it doesn’t necessarily result in bad things happening to anyone, be they minority or otherwise. In fact, a lot of highly successful people suffer from deep depressions, and some actively despise themselves.

While this is not a healthy state of being, it is not the predominant reason why a person repeatedly fails, despite having every reason to succeed. Their mental edge is being worn down, if there at all.

Self-esteem has been extensively written about, and in a lot of cases we now live in a world where everyone is afraid that their children may grow up with low self-esteem.

At the risk of sounding like a soapboxer (one who is always up for a fight from atop their soap box), telling a child that they’re capable of doing wrong won’t make them hate themselves. In some cases, it’ll just remind the child that they’ll need to work for great things in life.

If you recognize some of the negative traits we have talked about within your self, what can you do? If you want to build a successful PT business developing that mental edge is critical. Take some quiet time and start to listen to the talk in your mind. Is it mostly negative or do you congratulate yourself on what you have achieved for the day or week.

Make a strong effort to turn any scarcity thoughts into thoughts of abundance. Make a point of being thankful each day for the abundance you have.

Focus on developing that mental edge… keep going...

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