As of yesterday, it was exactly five weeks until Christmas day. Now, I know for many of you, this time of year comes around and people start making these types of comments like, “Oh wow would you believe it’s only six weeks till Christmas? Can you believe that Christmas is rolling around it’s only five weeks to Christmas is only four weeks to Christmas?”

Unfortunately for many fitness professionals, sometimes Christmas is not a very Merry Christmas. Why is that? Well, clients they can go at holidays, can’t they? The bastards.

What can happen to your income when that occurs? Well, what we’ve seen happen in the fitness industry for many fitness professionals out there is that they can be that Rapid drop in income and revenue because clients aren’t there, you’re not training them, therefore that that income is not there.

It happens every year we speak to thousands of fitness professionals that come to our business mastery program every single year and that similar topic comes up. So, what I’m here to tell you is that there is a solution to it. There is a way that you can set your business up in such a way to make sure that this Christmas can be a bit different than every other Christmas out there and you can start to engineer it so that you can have some guaranteed revenue, you can have some guaranteed cash flow coming in to your business even when your clients might not be training at that point in time.

Now, we realize that for some of you, you like to have that time off as well. You’re working hard long days, early starts, late finishes, all the rest of it. So, you look forward to that little break might be a two-week window of opportunity that you have to switch off maybe your life. The fact that you just have to turn up to the gym or down to the park or run it or whatever and just run a couple of sessions or maybe a couple of boot camps that’s nice. But, at a time when we want you to be you know enjoying the prosperity of your life and the, you know, enjoying the fruits of what business can supply you with, you know, unfortunately, for fitness professionals, it can sometimes mean that they’re on the bones of their ass at that point in time. Cash flow is not coming in but I’m at a it’s Christmas time I’m going out, I’m socializing more and buying presents for people. I’m spending money and all the rest of it and so, the whole, this whole ratio can be a little bit out of balance or a little bit out of whack.

And then what can happen is people can slowly drag themselves back in in early January. And you know, we have those people who are ready to rock and roll first week again. You know, that star clients, but then we have the other ones that are either on holidays they’re away and all the rest of it. They slowly come back and sometimes that cannot that can drag right out until the end of January. Something like that. Australia Day long weekend can sometimes be that pivotal Moment because at that point in time, school is going back. People are back into their normal routines at that point in time and when you look at it that could be a full month.

Now at the moment, if that for you per week let’s set to twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen hundred dollars a week. Add that up over the course of four weeks. Well, we’re talking about a significant amount of money. Fifteen hundred bucks a week, four weeks, six thousand dollars. Huge amount of money in my opinion and it’s not enough that you definitely want to take some action and consider your options around it

So, a couple of things. First of all, tip number one and I want to give you a couple of brief tips today. And then, I want to give you some more comprehensive training on this so you can go into a bit more detail on it.

Tip number one is you need to start now okay? Like right now. Today five weeks out of Christmas as of yesterday. If you watch this clip live, then you need to get used to stuff sorted. Who’s going to be away? Who’s going to be around? Organized the schedule the routine, all that sort of stuff, get that part sorted.

Now, for some of our clients on Create PT Wealth Program, what they’re actually doing in advance now is they’re encouraging their clients. Let’s say someone is training once a week. They’re encouraging that clients to do some extra sessions now even the two-times-a-week clients. Let’s say, you’re off for two weeks. You’re gonna be a way, you go to Fiji, you doing whatever it is. Let’s really ramp up the sessions until that point in time, because we want to have you in tip-top shape for that time when you’re away and you can accommodate for that and its sort of like, I’m gonna I’m prepared to go hard now because I know that I’m going to be able to sort of pull back a bit when I’ve got that breathing space.

And so, with the client what they’ve done is they’ve organized a direct debit in such a way that whilst that client is away, that won’t build them any differently while they’re doing the extra sessions now. But what will happen is, during those two weeks while that clients away, they will just keep that direct debit flowing so that constant cash flow will be coming in and it can be even sweeter at that point in time because you are not physically turning up and doing the work but you’re still getting paid you’ve already done the work.

Second thing is, that you can consider starting to promote what it is that you’re going to launch in the new year via your new boot camp, your new body transformation program, via whatever it’s gonna be, you can start pre-selling that stuff now. Getting cash flow in now so we don’t have to wait until 2018 till people to come back, till they’re dragging their heels back in. Nope, we can put that stuff together now, we can promote it now, and we can make sure that we give them some sort of incentivized-early-bird offer to make a start on that. And hey, that might be a direct debit cash flow as well That’s definitely a possibility.

So, we can launch that now. And so, let’s say that it’s some sort of Ten-week Body Transformation Package which doesn’t start until the beginning of let’s say, late, mid Jan or whatever it is. You can actually make that start on some sort of direct debit payments so there is that cash flow coming in and is that, what that means for the client of course is that they will be paying the full fee whatever it’s going to be and whatever fee you charge for the complete package. It means that you could sort of start to reduce their weekly payments which makes it even more affordable for them but they stretch it out over a longer time. Now, you don’t even have to offer a discount for that. What you’re simply doing is, you’re giving them the ability just to reduce those weekly direct debit payments and it’s what it’s called the reduction to the ridiculous. It’s like taking a big fee, let’s say you’re gonna charge a thousand bucks for this whatever it is that you that you’re doing, you break it down instead of billing someone over an eight-week period. What you want to do is you want to stretch that out over a 12-, 14-, 16-week period and suddenly that thousand dollars per week to each and every one of those individuals becomes less. So again cash flow starting to come into your business and it means that you can still be receiving income while that’s occurring as well.

Lastly, you might consider selling and putting together some sort of takeaway package that your clients can do, online training, some sort of, you know, workouts that you guide them through. Here’s what I’ve put together and I’m gonna piece this up now you might not even have to change their direct debit payments at all. You know, you might just say, look instead of you actually turning up for the sessions what I’m gonna do – I’m gonna put a good bit in a work for you for this. I’m gonna put together this program that I’m gonna get you to follow and it’s gonna have X, Y, and Z in it and so instead of me going around and having to just stop the direct debit payments, I want you to stay fit when you to come back in great shape.

No question here. I have a free offer for December sign-up now. Get December for free and signed direct debit twelve weeks starting in Jan 1 is that too generous? Last year it worked really well. I’ve got 16 new signups. I like it what it’s the concept of is, you know. What are you prepared to give away in the short term so that you can have it all in the long term. And so, the idea behind that is 12 weeks, starts on the 1st of Jan so we’ve got Jan, February, and March So what’s basically happening is, I guess what you’re doing is you’re giving them a four-month program for the investment of a three-month program if I understand that correctly. And but if they start anytime in December, I guess they can they can get launched at that point in time. So, you’re gonna give all of December, but I guess you’re gonna keep selling that thing all the way through to the start of January. And then there’s the opportunity to keep selling it again after that program launches.

My suggestion to anyone who’s doing 12-week packages or any of that sort of stuff is to stay open to the fact that people might join that a week 2-week, 3-week into it and you can still find a way to disperse that person into the group. And you know, get them going for that last nine weeks as opposed to them waiting right to the very end.

Alright. What I want to do is I want to share with you more comprehensive training on this. How you gonna get the training? Well, below this video I’m gonna get you to comment out the word ‘yes’. And if you just write in yes, then we’ll make sure that I’m gonna start a communication with you and get that across to you, so that you can go into it in more detail, you can understand it and you can more importantly action it because now is the time definitely with five weeks out it’s our recommendation, that you do have some lead-up to this and think about it this way, you know, think about each and every year that moves forward not just this current year that we’re in. Think about where do I go to from here, next year how is that going to look. How’s it gonna look the year after so that by next year you’re going, “Geez, I’m so grateful that I, you know, caught onto that video. I’ve downloaded that program. I actually went through it. I started to action some of this stuff”

And so, what it means is that you can have a very Merry Christmas and you can have some of that cash flow coming in. Meaning that you’re not going to have to go without this holiday season.

All right gang, on that note, have a fantastic rest of the day, whatever it is that you’re doing and look forward to your connecting with you soon.

Bye bye