A common mistake that many personal trainers make is to not monitor their sales or track sales conversions. You might be wondering why all this tracking is necessary. There are many benefits:

  • Keep track of which aspects of your advertising and lead generation systems are working
  • Find out which aspects of these systems aren’t working
  • Know which strategies to emphasise or tweak for improved lead generation and sales
  • Know how many leads are converted to paying clients
  • Know many sales you’re making overall

Simply put, knowing the percentage of prospects that convert to paying clients is incredibly valuable. This information will enable you to test lead generation strategies and your sales system and get relevant feedback to help you adjust your approach accordingly and ultimately close more sales.

It sounds like a lot of effort, but there are lots of software programs that can help you track your sales and conversions with ease. In the end, your business relies on you closing sales and a tracking system will help you to do that.