This brief series of posts has looked at how to go about hiring personal trainers to work for you and grow your business into a successful empire. Here is a summary of the steps to follow in hiring the best members for your team:

  1. Define a list of desirable criteria/characteristics.
  2. Write out a detailed job description and post it on your website with a personality questionnaire.
  3. Use ads and marketing to direct potential employees to your landing page.
  4. Read through the completed personality tests and ask likely candidates to submit a brief resume.
  5. Select the best candidates and contact them to set up a 10 minute meeting.
  6. Use the 10 minutes to determine whether the prospective employee would be a good addition to your team.
  7. If so, arrange for them to train a long-term client as a trial session.
  8. Observe the test session and then get as much feedback from the client as possible.
  9. Ask the trainer to complete a number of basic tasks so that you can assess their competency.
  10. Either inform the trainer that s/he is unsuccessful, or invite him/her to join your team.
  11. Complete all the necessary paperwork, explain all the conditions, and get them to sign a contract.
  12. Watch your business grow from strength to strength!