Developing a mental edge will strengthen your ability to succeed in your PT Business by cutting out the noise and distraction of negative influences. Learn how a positive self image is an integral part of being successful.

We’ve already warmed up by identifying some traits that self-defeating people use.

Then we took a decent jog through the reasons why a person might be self-defeating.

Now, we’re going to hit the heavy weight of how you can change your opinions of yourself and the world and get that mental edge with a positive self image.

Have you ever felt like you didn’t deserve to make your living through personal training? Have you ever felt like you deserved to “survive” on it (as in, make just enough to pay your bills), but no more? Have you ever felt that there was some reason why you just couldn’t “work hard enough” or “get enough clients” to get ahead? If any of these thoughts has ever entered your head, don’t worry, almost everybody has them. In a little while, we’ll get to a few ways you can overcome them.

For now, just understand that one of the biggest barriers to your own success is your own belief that it’s out of your reach, or that you can’t do it. Overcome that, and your success will skyrocket in a hurry. Improve your self image and you will be able to reach your dreams.

Thinking in terms of scarcity and self image

We touched on a scarcity mindset earlier, and it deserves a bit more discussion. Scarcity can actually be a part of your self-image if you believe that since there is “only so much” of something, you have definite (and very small) access to this “finite quantity.” If you want to be a small fish in a big pond, just think that the pond is small. It’ll do wonders to curb any sort of ambitious tendencies you may still be harboring.

Seeking comfort instead of freedom

There is one very powerful reason to go off on your own, generally starting as a freelancer in any context. It’s the desire to be free, and to eventually escape having to work for your money, by having it work for you instead.

The nitty gritty of building a business to the point where it works without you is fodder for another report altogether, but just be aware that it’s the light at the end of all the 16-hour days. It’s also justification for the expensive certifications, and dealing with all the problem gym owners (who expect to be well-compensated for letting you use their facilities). It will even eventually compensate you for the clients who don’t understand that an invoice is a bill (just like your rent, coincidentally), and that it needs to be paid.

Very often, a person will seek out comfort, instead of freedom. You’ll see this a lot with people who choose to work for someone else for their entire careers. And while there’s nothing wrong with having “a job,” it’s not the same thing as being self-employed. While you could simply find two or three clients and live off of what they make you, and be comfortable, you know you can do more than that. You probably already do.

The question is, do you ever find yourself “settling” for an okay income when you could continue “striving” for something better?

If you do, you aren’t going to reach your full potential. Is it possible your self image is influencing your decisions?

Now that we’re discussed a few different reasons why you might be holding yourself back (at least to some extent), let’s run through why all of this “airy fairy” self-image stuff is so blooming powerful. It may be a little repetition, but it’s worth saying this stuff twice.

Self image??? Yes, it’s freaking important

You will never rise above your self-image.

Re-read that previous sentence until you get a feel for how absolutely, unassailably true it is. Your self-image is how you see yourself, and who you see yourself as. If you see yourself in one particular kind of light, trying to “will” yourself to do something out of character will basically feel like you’re doing something wrong. Your self-image is more than a part of who you are; it is all of who you are, at least to yourself.

Most people don’t think much about who they are, they assume that it’s just something they were born with, and that they can’t do anything about. But the traits we discussed earlier are not only able to change and prone to change… they’ll have to if you want to break out of a rut, or just push your operation to the next level.

If you ever feel like becoming a bit funnier, read a book called Comedy Writing Secrets by Melvin (yes, Melvin- he’d better be funny) Helitzer. In this book, Helitzer talks about how the jokes are not nearly as important as the character of the person delivering them.

Congruence is a key factor in any kind of comedic delivery.

Imagine a character like Stimpy (of Ren and Stimpy fame). As a comic foil, he has plenty of room for all sorts of wacky hijinks and bizarre ideas. When he takes off his nose and uses it like a doctor’s bag, it makes sense- so it’s funny. Now imagine Ren removing a part of his body, it would seem disgusting (in a bad way) and would probably make you scratch your head.

Now imagine Suzanne Somers delivering a comment about how pregnancy rocks a woman’s body it comes out completely congruent, and it’s pretty funny. Now imagine a little girl trying to tell the same joke. The audience would sit there in stunned silence, unless she was absolutely genius at salvaging the moment.

But life’s not a joke, right? There is no connection whatsoever between who you are and how you live your life, right? Imagine Mr. T snarling, “Shut up, foo!” at such a ridiculous sentiment. Now imagine Barry White saying the same thing- absolutely absurd, right? That’s exactly the point.

Think about your own self image.

Your self image is the set of rules you have for yourself. What are your values or rules?