Secret #14 Get your own PT coaches involved

Have a chat with any coaches dealing with your PT Clients. Ask them to come up with ideas on how to implement some of the ideas here and come up with additional ideas for serving your PT clients better.
Give them the authority to create the systems that make sure everyone is thanked and gets a reward with a friendly note from the person who dealt with them.
All these ideas won’t work unless you do them. Make someone responsible for making sure that whatever you decide to do actually happens – every time.
Make it a documented system, outlining exactly who is going to do what.This way you can be sure your PT clients won’t be let down.
If MacDonald’s can do it with 14 year old kids, so can you.
And don’t stop there.

Secret #15 Work ON Your PT business not just in it!

Spend time thinking up ways to make your own customers feel special, and to make your business a lot more fun.
Watch the enthusiastic response from your customers go straight to your bank account.
Keeping PT clients requires effort, consistency and often creativity.
When one strategy seems useless, re-strategize by researching ways that have proven effective for other personal Trainers.
Make sure you have a marketing plan that includes some current marketing trends and modify it accordingly.
The best thing you can do for your Personal Training business is to continue being open to new ideas and concepts.
Attend seminars or webinars to keep up with current marketing trends – for both online and offline advertising.
Create a solid plan detailing the steps you will take to implement any of the strategies and ideas that may have come up while reading these posts!
Make sure you scroll down and read the entire series, there are Golden ideas in here!
Consider putting up a simple website to obtain more leads. Write a Free Report that you can use to send out to your existing PT Clients but also use as a giveaway to generate new leads. If you want more ideas and up to date news about our PT Business Building Bootcamps, visit our facebook page on