Secret #9 – Give your PT Clients awards

Imagine getting the Award for the best Business in Australia? How would you feel?
You can add a bonus like a special book.

Recognize your top 10, 20, or 50 PT Clients. Send them an Award Certificate with a letter saying…
Dear so and so,

The other day I was going through my records and I realised that you are one
of our top (10, 20, 50) PT Clients.
I really appreciate your business. That’s why I want to give you the “Top Customer Award Certificate” that is enclosed..

I look forward to seeing you soon, etc, etc.,
Yours truly,
Your Name here

We all like to get awards, trophies and certificates. If you are a member of a sporting club or play sport in a team or individually, you’ll know that awards are the reward for good performance. It is the same in business. Give awards to your PT Clients, they’ll love you for it.

Secret #10 Hold seminars, breakfasts or lunches for your good PT Clients.

It is another way to give recognition and keep in touch with your good PT Clients. Have a speaker on an interesting topic and ask them to bring a friend. Send a thank you letter for attending after the lunch and offer their friend a free sample of your product or service. Or, imagine how cool it would be to conduct a seminar at a gym. We did that in Perth and everyone loved it!
Here’s what your invitation could say …

I would like to invite you to our lunch for Top PT Clients.
It will be held at XXX Day and time on and … It’s FREE!
It’s our way of saying thank you for your business. We’ll have a speaker for about 20 minutes on.
It is a topic I am sure you’ll be interested in. You are welcome to bring a friend or a business associate. Just let me know when you book.
Yours truly,
Your Name here
You could charge a small (or large) fee to cover your costs on these promotions.

Secret #11 Let your PT Clients in on how you do things.

Next time a customer visits your office, show them around. Introduce them to various people in your office and explain what they do. When presenting a bill or a quote to a customer, itemize what you did.
Make sure you explain why the bill is what it is. PT Clients secrets
You’ll find that if you justify your bill to the PT Clients by a good explanation (reasons why), you won’t have a problem with unhappy PT Clients who go elsewhere.

Secret #12 Educate your PT Clients.

The more you educate your PT Clients through seminars, newsletters, reports, books and in your letters, the more they’ll want you to do for them.
The reason is that you are showing them that you are knowledgeable and good at what you do. The more highly they think of you the more they trust your advice, products and services.

Secret #13 Ask your PT Clients for feedback on your performance

The best way to continually improve is to send out customer feedback forms every 6 to12 months. For the most useful feed back simply ask these questions, How can we improve our service to you?
What else can we do to help you in your business? (if you are dealing with business PT Clients)
What do you like the best about our product or service?
What do you like the least?