Strategy 9: Use Free Information To Get Prospects Calling You

Wouldn’t you prefer clients seeking you out rather than you having to go out and prospect?
Do you use a cold calling methodology where you call up a prospect in the hope of setting up an appointment where the real sales process begins? Do you get sweaty palms before picking up the phone (assuming you get to the dialling stage)?

If you hate cold calling and hit and miss advertising, develop a Direct Response Advertising strategy to bring qualified prospect to you.

Here’s how it works:

Give away a free report or white paper or mini-course in return for your prospect’s details.
Why a free report or mini-course?

Your purpose is to educate people and start building a psychological relationship – with empathy as the foundation.
The free report provides enough helpful advice to demonstrate to prospects that they would benefit from working with you when they need what you offer.

The reports also deliver a non salesy message that shows the prospect that you have empathy and compassion for their life and their concerns. This builds trust.

Once this trust is established, either from the first report or later sequenced mailings and phone calls, when your prospects are ready, who do you think they’ll call?