Strategy 6: Up-Selling At The Point Of Purchase
“Would you like fries with that?” MacDonald’s made this line famous and for good reason. It’s probably added billions to their bottom line over the years.
Amazon: “People who’ve bought …. have also bought …..”

By adding additional products or services to the original sale, you can substantially increase the sale value and your profit.

Here are some additional examples to get your creative juices flowing:

Car dealers: Up-sell paint protection, rust proofing, mag wheels, air-conditioning, spoilers, mud-flaps etc., right at the point of sale. They know that once you’ve driven out there’s little likely hood of you coming back for these items. And guess where the profit is?

Carpet Cleaners: Sell a deodorising add-on, remove dust mites, scotch guard the carpet in addition to the general clean.

Outdoor Store: They sold me a BBQ – and a gas bottle, BBQ cover, but no tools! I bought these from another store later – so who made the money here?