Strategy 24: Marketing Nuggets

To wrap up, here are some of the golden rules to getting more business:
1. People by nature are procrastinators. Give them reasons to respond by making them an offer. Only 5% of salespeople ask for the order – and they’re the ones who make the money.

2. If you want to be a marketing wizard, ask your customers. Don’t assume you know what they want, ask them and have the wisdom to listen, learn and apply when the respond. And remember, you are NOT your client.

3. Tell your prospects exactly what you want them to do. Most people want to be led by the hand.

4. The biggest challenge you will face in your advertising is getting prospects to believe you. Use testimonials, endorsements, bank statements showing how much you’ve earned using the system you’re promoting, sworn statements, scientific data etc.

5. When targeting a niche market, advertise in publications read by that market.

6. When you educate your customers through seminars, newsletters, free reports, books, letters and websites, you create credibility for yourself.

7. Always capture the names of people who call or visit your business. Building a database you can subsequently market to is crucial.

8. If you have good staff – always acknowledge them for a job well done. Remember, they are your frontline of your business, in direct contact with your customers. Appreciate them!

9. When advertising, always include the address of your website – and use the free report strategy to capture names.

10. When you send requested information out, have the envelope stamped with “Here is the information you requested”, or “Open immediately – contains your FREE report on whatever…”. This tells your prospect they’re not receiving unsolicited or junk mail.

11. Ask for the order! Don’t just leave the question hanging in the air. Remember, you’re leading them by the hand.

12. Do what you do so well, people can’t help but tell others about you!