Strategy 20: Package Up Your Services Into Widgets

Create a combination of products and/or services into a single package and give it a name and a high-perceived value. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts – a widget!

What makes this powerful is that instead of a single sale, your prospect is wooed by the offer of all the OTHER items or services they are getting for the price of a single package.

You name and give value to each item and tell them, rather than paying what it would normally cost to buy each individually, they pay far less when they buy the package of products.
Widgets can take many forms:

A café: Buy 2 slices of raison toast for $3 and we’ll throw in the coffee worth $1.50.
Car Service: We’ll wash you car with every service.

Internet Sales: You’ll notice the bonuses are worth many times the price of the package. And people will often buy the package because they want one of the bonuses – the bonus becomes the product.
Create a Bronze, Silver and Gold package. The “IT” factor is in the Gold package – the one everyone wants. Your goal is to make it so tantalising that people will want to upgrade from the reasonably priced Silver to the outstanding Gold.