Strategy 2: Build Your Customer List – Collect Names, Email And Other Details From Your Customers

How are you going to keep in touch with your customers if you don’t collect their details? And if you do collect them – on invoices and sales dockets, make sure you use them!

How do you collect them? Easy – you ask! As your customers purchase, you get them to fill out a form with their details. Dick Smith Electronics did this for years and then sent you catalogue in the mail. I know I used to buy stuff from these catalogues – so they made more money.

In addition, get prospects to fill out a form in return for going into a draw for a monthly prize. You’d be amazed at how many names you could collect.

A fish shop in Perth collected over 1,100 names over a month by offering to give away $100 worth of fish. What did the fish cost them? Probably no more than $10-20.

What were the names worth? Well, their business is thriving in the face of stiff competition 100 metres down the road. On slow nights they SMS their clients with special offers. Clients come flocking in.
You can do the same with faxes and emails. Whenever you want to generate more business, send out a special promotion.