Strategy 17: Make Your Bonus Your Product

A well-known Australian marketeer sold his $2,400 Super Conference by giving away $1,800 airfares from Sydney to Hawaii. i.e. For every ticket to the conference, he threw in a ticket to Hawaii with no strings attached.
People who wouldn’t normally spend $1,800 on a holiday scrambled to come to the conference and forked out $2,400 so they could get the free holiday.

Naturally the marketeer didn’t spend $1,800 buying each ticket – I won’t tell you the real cost as I’ve been sworn to secrecy. ;-) What I will say though is that his wife told him that if he ever did something like that again, she’d kill him!

Here’s an insider secret: Travel is the highest form of incentive you can give someone. And people will buy your product or service to get the travel you throw in. The irony is that they could easily pay less for just the travel but they won’t, as travel is often a discretionary spend that comes after all the other bills have been paid.