Strategy 13: Give An Amazing Guarantee

People want to feel safe when doing business with you.
Developing an extraordinary guarantee sends a clear message that you’re committed to QUALITY. It promises your customer that they will not be disappointed and that security often inspires a normally hesitating customer to take action and BUY! And it sets you way apart from your competitors.
Here’s one we did for a printing company… “If our prints don’t meet your exacting requirements, we’ll not only refund your money, but we’ll give you 10% extra for your trouble.”

A hardware store… “If you can find a matching product for a cheaper price we’ll beat it by an additional 10%”. They go even further… “If after you’ve purchased you find the same product cheaper elsewhere, we’ll give you the difference.”

For a product, the longer the guarantee, the less likely it is that people will return it. “Use my product for a full 365 days, wring every last drop out of it and if you at the end of this time still feel that it hasn’t met your needs, return it and I’ll promptly and courteously refund your money in full.”
Yes, some people will return your product, but if your product’s any good, it won’t be more than 1 to 2 percent.