Strategy 22: Keeping The Item Sold

I’m sure you’ve felt the buzz of excitement of having landed a big sale. All your hard work has paid off and you’ve already mentally spent the money.
And then the client cancels the order!

You may have done the same yourself… You evaluated and rationalised a purchase (and it doesn’t have to be large), bit the bullet and spent the money. But in the next few days you did a complete turnaround and cancelled the order.
You’ve just experienced “buyer’s remorse”. Doubt began to creep in and you wondered if you’d made the right decision etc.

You can avoid this with your customers by following a simple 3 step approach:
1. Immediately after closing the sale have your client vividly mentally visualise and experience how having your product or service will BENEFIT them! Remember, people generally buy on emotion and justify with logic – so the more emotive this experience the better.

2. Immediately send your client an ACKNOWLEDGEMENT or “stick letter”. This letter congratulates your client on making their purchase and details why they’ve made the right decision to buy your product or service and reinforces their buying decision.

3. In your “stick letter” tell them you’ve sent them an unexpected Free Bonus.