The big questions to be answered if a Personal Trainer is to be anything more than a fee for service operator i.e. if you are going to transform into a business that produces an ongoing income regardless of your personal efforts…

  • How do I get more clients?
  • How do I get my clients to spend more with me?
  • How can I get better quality leads without spending a fortune?
  • Is there some way to target my advertising so that it’s not hit and miss?

Dear fellow Entrepreneur,
I have something very important to share with you.
You see, most people don’t get a couple of fundamental truths about marketing.

It’s vital to your success in business – without marketing you have no way of getting your message out to your prospective buyers (and if you’re a “professional” – this absolutely applies to you too!)

If done right, it’s an investment not a cost – and for every dollar you spend, you should be making lots more.

– It really is quite easy when you know how.
Before we get into the meat of the report, here are some common issues I’ve observed working with businesses in over 15 different industries.

– Most businesses play “Pin the tail on the donkey” with their businesses. It’s very hard to hit the target when you can’t see it.

– Most couldn’t describe their customers if asked to do so.

– You must have a very clear picture of who your best customers are, whom you want as your new customers and whom your unique mix of products, services, price and value is best matched with.

– You must take off the blindfold and pin the tail on the donkey!

So ask yourself the following questions…

1. Why would I need your product or service anyway?

2. If you were the customer, would buying from you be the clear and obvious best choice?

3. Why should I choose to do business with you as opposed to any other competitor in your category?

4. Is your product or service a lot better than any other available in your category? If not why not? If so, HOW is it better?


Now here’s the meat.
But one thing before we start…
Reading this report is not enough. We give it away because most people don’t use the material contained in these pages.
You have to take action. It’s only by IMPLEMENTING the ideas here that things will change. So if you’re not willing to get off the sidelines, please STOP READING NOW and go take up knitting.