It’s Not Your Fault! Personal Trainer Certification Involves Limited Or No Business Education

Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) graduate over 15,000 new personal trainers every year in Australia. Unfortunately, most PT certification programs contain limited—and in some cases zero—business education.

These RTOs are simply delivering a training package that is handed down to them, and they are in a very competitive marketplace; cheaper courses, shorter courses, and online learning all impact their ability to deliver a quality, comprehensive program.

But with over 44,000 personal trainers in Australia (and over 70% of them run their own business), the lack of business education in these conventional certification programs represents a huge gap in knowledge that every personal trainer really must have to succeed.

Don’t be the next sad personal trainer story.

We’ve all heard of great personal trainers, who could have made a huge impact on the lives of others, who are now working a job that they are not passionate about because they couldn’t make their business a success.

Don’t let that happen to you!

The fact is, there is a huge dropout rate in the fitness industry, and the average life span for a personal trainer can be less than 18 months. The reason, more often than not, is a lack of business knowledge.

The marketplace for PTs is incredibly competitive. Those PTs who seek certification from Create PT Wealth through the Australian Fitness Business Institute have a real leg up. They’ve invested in the further education; training and formal qualifications that will help them outperform their competitors.