What is your business purpose?

When building your personal training business, did you ever stop to think about the purpose of it all? Watch this clip for some insightful advice.


Know Your Business Purpose

Why are you doing it? What’s your purpose? What’s driving you?

Let me tell you, it’s got to be greater than the money. That’s certainly what it’s about for me. For me, it’s about creating and engineering the lifestyle that I absolutely love. Up here, hiking in beautiful Brisbane, I’m spending time with my daughter, and for me this is just absolute and total win-win.

In addition to that, I get to free my mind. I get to relax and re-energise myself. I get to do exercise and activity, which I absolutely love.

Create the Business that Achieves Your Business Purpose

The message I want to send to you is, when you are building your business have a think about what really juices you. For me, it’s about earning more money so that I can work fewer hours. Then I can spend more time with my family, with my beautiful wife and children.

That didn’t come about just by chance. It came about by me using the systems and the strategies to put myself and my business in a position that would enable me to do that. Earning more money, working less time, hanging out with my family: for me, that’s absolutely perfect.

Have a think about your business purpose. Why did you want to start a personal training business in the first place? What do you see at the purpose of your business in your life? What is it the motivates and inspires you in life? What are your priorities?

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