Watch the Create PT Wealth YouTube video that explains strategy number 7 on how to get your message out there to your database. This is all about the importance of blogs for personal trainers.

Why blogs for personal trainers are important

You need to think about the concept of trying to create some type of blog. For many of you, the concept of a blog might sound like something that you’ve heard of but never actually experimented with. Well, they’re incredibly easy, they’re free, and what they enable you to do is to consistently get your message out there to your clients. They go there and find you’ve uploaded new information and new articles. And that continues on and on and on, forever.

You can set them up in such a way that you can make them interactive, so your own clients can log on and put on their own information or their own experiences.

Be mindful of the fact that you want to make sure that you’ve got the administrative rights or control of that blog so if someone jumps on there and you’re not that happy about it, you can get rid of that information.

So there’s the strategy: start a blog.

In addition to blogs for personal trainers, there are lots of other marketing strategies out there that can help promote your business. Have a browse through our blog and our YouTube channel for more tips and insider advice.