2811, 2017

Do You Offer FREE PT Sessions To Sell?

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Should you use free PT or complementary PT sessions to sell your service? It's a question that gets asked to us a lot. Should I use a complementary session as part of my sales process? Are they effective? Are they potentially just a waste of time? So, I want to [...]

2811, 2017

Get Paid Over Xmas

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As of yesterday, it was exactly five weeks until Christmas day. Now, I know for many of you, this time of year comes around and people start making these types of comments like, "Oh wow would you believe it's only six weeks till Christmas? Can you believe that Christmas is [...]

2811, 2017

Greater Responses From Emails

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Hey gang. Hope you having a great start to the week. Now, I've got a quick and easy email tip for you today. Now, if you have... I'm hoping that you've been keeping in contact with the people in your database, you've been sending out information. But this tip is [...]