Today’s post is based on the webinar From PT to Studio Owner in 5 Easy Steps by Ben Dulhunty, who has been working in the PT industry for more than 15 years and enjoyed incredible success.


Why you might consider becoming a studio owner

There are many reasons why you as a personal trainer might be considering the move to becoming a studio owner. You might:

  • Feel burnt out
  • Feel in need of change
  • Want to move your career to the next level
  • Want a challenge
  • Want to earn more

All of the above can be achieved through following these five steps to becoming a studio owner.

What are the advantages to becoming a studio owner?
  • You have more revenue streams: your income is not based solely on the hours that you work.
  • Your work is independent of the weather.
  • You can offer clients all the services they need in one location.
  • You will still receive income during holidays, and everyone needs holidays to recharge their batteries.
  • You will still receive income while you’re on sick leave, and everyone falls sick at times.
  • You get to work with a team.
  • You can create more opportunities.
  • Unlimited growth of your brand.
What are the five steps to becoming a studio owner?

1. The Vision

You need to have a clear vision of what you want to do as a personal trainer, and what your studio is going to be.

2. The Model or Blueprint

What you want your studio to look and feel like. The culture you want to establish in your studio.

3. The Belief

You need to have the self-belief that you can go from being a PT to being a studio owner.

4. The Resources

The materials, support network, the location, etc. Everything that you need to build your studio.

5. The Execution

Putting your plan into action.

Make sure that you read our next post which goes into more detail about each of these five steps.