Back to the story…I came to the conclusion that if I were to move forward, I had to change the way that I thought and operated. I had now learned (as I am hoping that you are beginning to understand), that you need to create the “vehicle” that will give you the freedom to do whatever it is you want.

Your business can give you this. The two can be closely related and when you look at it have an inverse relationship.

You need to structure your business life to compliment your personal life’s goals and desires.

For me that included having the time (not working such long hours) and enthusiasm (not being burnt out all the time) and ability (money!) to do the things I loved and enjoyed on a daily basis.

I am happy to say that at 34 years young I have created that lifestyle. Let me reveal a few secrets to you on how it is possible…

You need to build a terrific team

Learn from my mistakes, please, let me tell you about my experiences!

When it was time to build the team, I started to consider who might fit the mould of my personal training organization. Keep in mind it was at this very moment I realized I was no longer going to have a personal training job, rather I was now the CEO of a personal training company.

My ideas changed. The way that I viewed the job/my business changed and of course, the responsibilities changed.

Back to the team… I figured in order to be the best Personal Ttraining company, I had to have the best people. I knew that if I want to succeed, I needed more of, well, myself really – so that is what I went to hunt for. More Brad’s!

Do you think I found any?

Do you think that anyone did things the way I did, read all the books and studied the way I had, that had won national bodybuilding titles like I had?

Where do you think these people were? Well, they were doing it themselves. They had themselves a great job and (like me) were technicians suffering an “entrepreneurial seizure”!

Of course, when asked, the team members I did encourage to join my newly forming empire simply listed all of the things that I could do for them!

Take note and what I learned very early in the piece is that many people are not strongly motivated by money, sure it helps, but what they are generally looking for is the following:Create PT Business Success
Number 1: They want to have job security. Of course, no job, just like no business or life for that matter, is 100% secure. Just keep in mind that security is important.

Number 2: They want to be wanted, they want to be a part of something and they want to know that what they do is meaningful, that it counts.

Number 3: They want to learn, grow and be compensated for their efforts. Of course, financial reward is important, but on a greater level comes the opportunity for future and further growth, to aim for a higher purpose.

Ok, I was out there trying to “sell” people into my vision, searching for the (as I called it) all-stars, as you know, I simply wanted a team of “Brad Sheppard’s”.

However as many coaches will tell you, there is no “i” in team and it’s difficult to build a team with members who consider that they are the “each” best.

If they have not already done it for themselves, they may really want to!

Then, I got smart… what I am looking for is different! There are certain criteria that I screen for when attracting new team members, and the good news is that my general philosophy is the same.

I am looking for team members that fit the following criteria:
a) They want to be a part of that team, they want to be part of the experience and they want to learn from that experience;
b) They have a enthusiastic personality with a desire to learn, improve and grow;
c) Although having some minimum technical experience, they are not the “all-stars” – they are logical and search for continual and never-ending improvement.

However, there is no point in having a team if they have no direction, no plan’s or procedures.

I needed to again change the way I thought and operated as a business owner.

I needed systems!

Where did I find them? Here is a great start…