Give yourself permission to succeed!

This inspiration video from Create PT Wealth’s Jason Urbanowicz gives you the key to more confidence. Apply this technique and achieve personal training success…

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I came across this inspirational tip many years ago. And it’s profoundly easy and simple. It’s the concept of giving yourself permission to be good at something, to move forward with something, or in an area of your life that’s not currently giving you the result you want. It’s all in that heading Give Yourself Permission. For most of us, if you sit there saying “I’m not good at sales, I’m not good at this”, what you’re doing is taking the power away from you. You’re not giving yourself a choice.

I remember, many years after becoming a presenter, still feeling like I wasn’t good enough at it. I caught myself saying this line… I was just about to go on stage and I thought, “Jason, when are you going to give yourself permission to feel good at this?” The light bulb went on! I thought, “Well, there is an answer to that. And the answer is right now. I can just choose and decide to be good at it.”

So, there are a couple of things… If you’re not doing the work to get better in an area, you probably have every right not to feel confident about it. On the flip side, some people never do the work and they still feel they’re confident, and that still affects their ability to be really successful in that area as well. So there are two combinations.

The key to personal training success

If you’re not good in a certain area (sales, marketing, communication, whatever it may be), then you need to apply some time, energy and effort. If you don’t, then what you’re really saying is that it’s not important enough to you to be able to make some progress in that area. There’s going to be a certain point where you’ve done enough work, you’ve done enough research, that you simply have to give yourself permission to be good at it.

Now, if you’re starting off the key to using the permission statement is to give yourself permission to get better at this. That day by day, step by step, I’m betting better, I’m more confident. You can also just give yourself permission to feel more confident in any scenario, knowing that you’re going to do more work, you’re going to put more energy into a certain area of your life (sales, marketing, relationships, whatever it is). However, confident is a choice. So I can still feel confident about the situation I’m in right now, regardless if I’ve got a degree, regardless if I’ve got ten thousand hours studying a specific thing. Right now, in this moment, I can choose to feel confident about where I’m at. So for this level that I’m at right now, I can be confident about it, knowing that I’ve got more to learn.

If you catch yourself in a situation where you’re not feeling 100% confident, just say to yourself “I give myself permission to feel better about this, or to be better at this.” And, believe me, the way you talk changes the way you feel, puts you in a different state mentally and physically, and your results will be profoundly different. You’ve got nothing to lose, but to try this, or your version of it.