Michael Hewitt - Create PT Wealth Master Business Coach

Meet Michael Hewitt

Hi my name is s Michael and I’ve been the owner of Xcentuate Personal Training located in Brisbane for over 8 years. 7 years ago my business was not where I had hoped it would be, but I couldn’t understand why. Then, one day, I was fortunate enough to receive an email from Create PT Wealth offering me the opportunity to attend a business seminar. I took the opportunity and I am glad I did, as I finally understood why my business wasn’t where I had hoped it would be…

I didn’t have a business, I had a JOB and we all know what job stands for? ‘Just Over Broke’ and that’s exactly what I was.

During the next 3 years as a part of the Internship Program, I developed the business systems, skills and more importantly the mind set to become a successful business owner. My working hours in the business have reduced considerably even though my business now turns over well in excess of $100,000 per year. The exciting part about that is it’s mainly passive income from the team of trainers I have put together! Being a business owner has allowed me to have more time to do what I am really passionate about, being a business coach and passing on my extensive knowledge to up and coming fitness entrepreneurs.

I am passionate about the fitness industry but even more passionate about ‘THE BUSINESS OF FITNESS’